TLC Group has a committed and dynamic in-house corporate team capable of opening, successfully operating and turning around all kinds of businesses, with extensive experience of adding value.

TLC Group’s current principle operating companies are TLC Hotels and TLC Care which are both self contained entities with their own separate management teams focussed on delivering outstanding quality of service and financial results. We only recruit exceptional individuals to manage our businesses with an entrepreneurial mindset and a proven track record of operational excellence and maximising returns.

TLC Group also provides management services for other providers in a variety of sectors. If you would like to enquire about management services we can provide, please contact us at [email protected].


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TLC Hotels owns and operates one Hotel in London, close to the Olympic Park, and is currently developing two high end hotels in Cambridge. TLC Hotels is investing in further opportunities to expand the portfolio.


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TLC Care is a care home provider with award winning homes spread over London, Cambridge, Hertfordshire and Surrey.